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Programme : BEST2.0+

Semer pour la forêt de Tuo Cèmuhi

The action occurs in a watershed with degraded natural environments in the Commune of Tuo Cèmuhi in New Caledonia, North Province. The project is carrying out a pilot action of assisted regeneration of natural habitats by relying on local communities (Pwö-i and Tiwae tribes) by training people in a « low tech » and resilient approach.

Restoration and conservation of Motley Island native peatland habitats

The project aims to initiate re-vegetation of bare or eroding areas of peat soils on Motley Island, thereby avoiding carbon emissions, preventing soil loss and re-creating native habitats to support biodiversity. It will engage community members, volunteers and members of the conservation youth group in positive practical conservation actions on the ground that will lead to environmental and biodiversity benefits at a national and global level.

The Opunohu Valley Lookout Trail

This project revolves around constructing a botanical trail on a forest plot, a traditional lookout point in the Opunohu valley open to the bay and the caldera of Moorea Island. It is based on three axes:

(1) Restoring the biodiversity of a forest colonised by invasive species and protecting it.

(2) Raising public awareness and educating the public about the fragility and richness of our ecosystem.

(3) Opening perspectives of endogenous and sustainable economic development.

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