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5 April 2024

The full proposal phase of the 1st call for proposals is now open for applications

Direction des Services de l’Agriculture de la Forêt et de la Pêche de Wallis et Futuna © IUCN

Five months after the launch of its first call for proposals, BESTLIFE2030 is pleased to announce that the full proposal phase is now open for those applicants whose concept notes have been pre-selected to move forward.

Delving into the call

Out of the 130 concept notes submitted, 76 have been pre-selected, representing a total value of 8,543,059 EUR across the seven target regions.

These regions and their respective ratios are as follows:

  • Pacific: 31 concept notes received /19 pre-selected
  • Indian Ocean: 23 concept notes received /17 pre-selected
  • French Caribbean: 21 concept notes received /11 pre-selected
  • Macaronesia: 19 concept notes received /10 pre-selected
  • Dutch Caribbean: 11 concept notes received / 7 pre-selected
  • Amazonia: 13 concept notes received /6 pre-selected
  • Greenland: 5 concept notes received /5 pre-selected
  • Saint Pierre & Miquelon: 1 concept notes received /1 pre-selected

Local NGOs are the primary actors represented in this phase of the call, followed by sub-governmental bodies and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The main proposed actions revolve around ecosystem restoration, species conservation, and the sustainable use of ecosystem services.

Upcoming milestones

Information sessions are currently being hosted by BESTLIFE2030 regional hubs to support the further development of the selected proposals at both technical and financial levels.

The deadline for full proposal submission is Monday, June 3 at 14:00 (CEST). Final result notifications are anticipated in early August, with grant agreement signatures expected in September.


  • To access technical and financial guidance for the full proposal phase, please follow this link
  • For information and potential networking opportunities with other LIFE-funded projects in the same area or working on similar topics, please click on this link
  • To ensure that applications respond to the biodiversity priorities of their region, please access the relevant Regional Ecosystem Profile following this link

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