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Nature Sentinels: Citizen, Digital and Ecological Observatory in Guyana


French Guiana

Thematic scope

Awareness & Education
Species conservation

Implementing partners

Guyane Nature Environnement

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39,999.87 €
© Guyane Nature Environnement

Description: The objective of deploying a mobile application to encourage geo-referenced reporting of environmental issues was successfully achieved, with minor adjustments, particularly in ensuring tools for informing the public about regulations and avenues for environmental protection were readily accessible. The availability of technical tools facilitated citizen engagement, allowing easy reporting via the Nature Sentinels application and website. Citizens showed enthusiasm and commitment to environmental issues, leading to productive exchanges that elucidated their role in nature conservation and their potential impact on policy. Information on environmental protection regulations and action mechanisms was disseminated through automated emails and social media communications. Despite these challenges, the project significantly filled a void in addressing waste management, extended producer responsibility (EPR), and sanitation issues, leading to increased advocacy and participation in public consultations and legislative hearings.

Duration: 18 months

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